Lots of excitement this week at the gym! We have closed our doors Monday and Tuesday to allow for all new routes to be set. On Sunday afternoon, all the holds were removed from the walls and were pressure washed to remove the chalk.

Today, our route setters, Nathan, Ken, Chelsea, and Trevor were here working their magic. Ryan, Evan, and Chloe will be joining us tomorrow.

Check out the charts that helped us see how our route distribution initially existed and our plans for the re-set today.

Our analysis of our routes showed that our first setting had 12 routes at V4 or higher. Our new routes will have 20+ problems that are a V4 or higher rating. Learn more about the V-scale for calculating bouldering route grades. Experienced boulderers, get ready to face a whole new set of problems!

New climbers – don’t worry! We will still have plenty of beginner routes all throughout the gym. On the west wall, we will have several beginner routes as well as routes that are good challenges for kids and beginners.

We open on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. so grab your chalk bag and get ready to enjoy a whole gym of brand new routes! Hope to see you this week!